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After-sales service
发布时 间:2011/10/21  【关闭 窗口】

With quality products, excellent service in all walks of life dedicated to users of our commitment to quality. I plant all three bags of product quality. Strict accordance with the relevant national standards and norms for production, testing and acceptance.
Company set up a technical team of professional service. Filter shall be free to guide the installation, commissioning and is responsible for training operatives to help, until the master so far. Equipment put into operation if a problem occurs, our immediate, so that the problem of user feedback time is not more than 2 hours, after-sales service personnel assigned to the problem is not resolved not evacuated until the user satisfaction.
"High quality, excellent service, reasonable price, reputation first" business purpose and the constant development of new products, enterprise products continue to dominate the market, showing a strong development potential, the company s staff will be more enthusiastic, better service quality to fulfill customer commitments.
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